Sunday, November 27, 2011

How This Works

Welcome, welcome!

I've already explained this a bit in the sidebar. To reiterate myself, this blog is going to explore just how Suzanne Collins managed to capture such a huge (and growing) audience with her books, The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay in hopes of giving the rest of us insight into how to craft our own books.

Right now, my plan is to read the books chapter-by-chapter and evaluate it under these categories:
  • Characters
  • Plot
  • Tension
  • World-building
  • Description
  • Dialogue
Each chapter analysis may not cover all of these areas, and is not limited to just these categories.

Then, after I finish each subsequent book, I'll spend around a month (more or less) on bigger issues like themes, character arcs, foreshadowing, etc.

The week will look as follows:

Monday: Chapter analysis
Wednesday: Guest posts/bigger issues/null
Friday: Chapter analysis

Well, are you ready?! I sure am! Let's do this!

(I am also fighting back the urge to say you-know-what. You know, that phrase. I'll do my best to refrain from it).

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